Jazz in Manchester = Matt and Phreds

I have had the pleasure of going out last saturday. It was a pretty nice musical evening in Matt and Phreds which is the well-known jazz club in Manchester. I didnt expect such a good quality of the artists, the musical group playing that night was The Moss Sextet and they rocked!. The group is composed by Moss Fred (guitar); Ed Barnwell (piano, he is a typical british guy.. absolutely alike to the Full Monty's main character); Rob Turner (drums); Gavin Barras (bass); Joe Jones (violin) and Kenji Fenton (saxophones). After listening to Roman Filiu at Cafe Central in Madrid I thought.... well this is one of the best saxophonist I have ever seen in my life but my opinion was completely difuse after enjoying the talent of Kenji Fenton. He is worth listening to at his myspace, I recommend you the song called EVA.

The Moss Sextet band has a particular mixture of styles, it is specailly good how they play melodies with different instruments at the same time showing a perfect syncronyzation and a colorful timbre. I strongly advice you going to Matt and Phreds if you enjoy very good jazz music. By my side, I am definitely gonna go to listen to Moss Sextet again somewhere in the UK.

See you around somewhere, who knows who will be the next artist to be reviewed... it seems to be that Trance Energy 2008 will give me good enough stuff for writing something.